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K2S, the follower of awesome Koonlung K1S but updated the full system design and stability.

A tiny but durable recorder body with 2pcs extending camera, made the K2S system adaptable for variable working condition. The cameras can be hidden at wherever you want so the system can record the decent videos secretly.

Parking Guard, GPS, remote controller, WiFi, OBD, speedcam, more functions to discover....


mini 0906 is simple dual channel 1080P recording dash camera, include a built-in Sony StarVIS front camera in body and an extending rear camera for back capture.

mini 0906 is widely praised for it's performance and design, especially the unique Parking Guard function helped the users a lot.



mini 0806S is simple Ambarella 1296P recording dash camera, the powerful Ambarella A7 chipset generate a excellent video quality.

Many users prefer the 2560*1080px 21:9 super wide cinema mode recording; this is the unique video mode of mini0806S.

mini 0806S have a high stability, the secluded design have a lot of advantage.

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