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MEG Magic UV camera Sun protection Visualization Mirror

MEG Magic UV camera Sun protection Visualization Mirror


MEG Magic UV camera Sun protection Visualization Mirror


what it is used for ?

use sunscreen on a daily basis and know the importance of using sunscreen to prevent premature aging from the sun. I am not a fan of reapplying sunscreen and I just like to assume that it works for most of the day.

This MEG UV test camera shows you exactly where the sunscreen has been applied on your face and you can keep checking throughout the day if it's still effective or if you need to re-apply.

The mirror itself is nice looking and compact, about the size of a coaster.

Make sure you press down the power button to activate the uv camera.

This even shows you the difference between chemical sunscreen as it shows up darker on your skin versus the natural sunscreen which shows up white.

You can use this mirror to check anything that you apply on your face if you want to ensure even coverage.

It's definitely worth it so you can rest assured that you are being protected from skin damage.


How to use it and check in mirror?

The compact mirror comes very nicely packaged and contains the UV camera mirror itself, a USBA charging cable (with a USBC end that goes into the mirror), an instruction leaflet, UV test card and cleaning cloth. The mirror is the size of a large compact, but still small enough to carry around in a bag. Mine arrived with some charge already on it, but it’s very easy to charge up using the USB cable.
The mirror has an ON/OFF button on the back. When you open it up, there is a standard mirror on the inside of the lid, and the camera mirror screen on the lower part. To operate it, press the button at the top of the camera screen and the ring light around it turns on. Repeated short touching of this button steps the brightness of the light up and down. Now for the magic:

If you long touch the button, the UV camera mode is switched on, and the light at the bottom also turns on. In this mode, you are able to see your face in the rectangular screen. If you aren’t wearing any sun screen, you will see your face looking quite light, but if you have already applied SPF, your skin will appear darker in those areas.

When use an SPF30 day cream, and top it up with SPF50 if I’m spending a lot of time outside in bright sun. Well, to my delight, my face appeared pretty much black meaning a very high degree of UV protection! Unfortunately, I can’t photograph it because all the camera sees is my phone. My eyelids were light as was the front of my neck, so it also highlighted where I needed to be more careful with my application, and allowed me to top missed areas effectively while looking in the mirror.

As well as checking initial application, this is ideal for checking if your SPF has worn off during the day and needs topping up. I think I usually apply it too often to be on the safe side, so this mirror could save me money if I don’t need to apply sun screen so often.

The other use of this camera is that it will detect if you have removed your makeup thoroughly while cleansing – makeup provides a degree of physical block to UV light.
Even though this UV mirror is a fantastic thing to have in the home.

We all know how damaging exposure to UV is to the skin, but with this Fenchilin UV camera mirror, you can be sure to protect your skin adequately and efficiently.


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